Engineering Design

Engineering design is a technique where a series of steps is applied by engineers to identify and solve problems that resulted in creating functional products and processes. A great understanding of information regarding both the problems and possible solutions can be acquired at each steps of the process. This series of steps involved scientific methods for background research and specify requirements before designing possible approach that can be implemented in the solution. Therefore, the problems can be resolved and improved using the best approach to produce satisfying results.


Fabrication is generally the activity of transforming raw stock material into a final product that can be used in an assembly process. There are several types of fabrication manufacturing process methods depending on both the beginning material and the desired end product. The most common fabrication process comprises cutting, folding, machining, punching, shearing, stamping, extrusion and welding. For instance, in metal fabrication, the fabricators start with stock metal components (e.g. metal billets, sheet metal) and fabricates them using specific process into creating the desired final product.


Our scope of work for engineering installation includes installing and upgrading specialist mechanical or electronic equipment into permanent facilities such as businesses. Installation of equipment usually performed along with assessing the risks, liaising with clients, complying with regulations and equipment maintenance.


The commissioning works within our scope comprises performing troubleshooting tasks, monitoring progress, performing tests, conducting audits, assisting in financial improvements, writing reports and assisting client needs. We specialize in a variety of industries including electrical, civil and mechanical engineering.